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installing a commercial font

Dear Font-Experts,

I need your help. We bought two fonts from Monotype
(ArialMT-CondensedLight and ArialMT-CondensedBold)
and I am not able to get them working correctly.

All the following references are according to the
texlive3-CDROM (http://www.tug.org/texlive).

>From the texmf/fontname/monotype.map I extracted that
I the fonts are named ma1l8rc and ma1b8rc (the name
ma1br8rc seems a typo to me).

>From the dvips/base/psfonts.map I found out, that I
had to install the pfb-files as ma1l8ac and ma1b8ac.

Now I tried loading arial.sty, which included ot1ma1.fd.
There is no entry for the two fonts, so I tried myself

   <-> ma1l7tc

   <-> ma1b7tc

But then the tfm-files seem to be missing.

To see at least a little bit of the contents I
tried defining them as

   <-> ma1l8rc

   <-> ma1b8rc

Now I could select them and almost everyting works fine,
except that the encoding is not correct in some places.
(germandbls and ydieresis are exchanged for example).

Actually before changing psfonts.map and/or 8r.enc I
would like to know, how I could get the ma1l7tc.tfm
and ma1b7tc.tfm files, since I assume that this would
provide me with an OT1-conformant enconding, so that
the 8r.enc applied by dvips would map the characters
to the right position. Probably the according any
.vf-files are required, too.

I do have the afm-files, but don't know, how to use
them correctly with afm2tfm and vptovf.

Any help would be appreciated.

Andreas Schott.
http://www.rzg.mpg.de/~ays           |  :-O   Wissen ist Macht!
email: schott@rzg.mpg.de             |  8-(   Ich wei"s nichts.
phone/fax: +49 89 3299-2180/1301     |  ;->   Macht auch nichts.