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Re: installing a commercial font

>Dear Font-Experts,
>I need your help. We bought two fonts from Monotype
>(ArialMT-CondensedLight and ArialMT-CondensedBold)
>and I am not able to get them working correctly.
>All the following references are according to the
>texlive3-CDROM (http://www.tug.org/texlive).
>>From the texmf/fontname/monotype.map I extracted that
>I the fonts are named ma1l8rc and ma1b8rc (the name
>ma1br8rc seems a typo to me).

Ah...  This is the name that will be used for the two of the tfm files in a
typical LaTeX fount installation.

>>From the dvips/base/psfonts.map I found out, that I
>had to install the pfb-files as ma1l8ac and ma1b8ac.

That's usual; you need to tell dvips that ma1l8rc and ma1b8rc map to these
founts, and to re-encoded using the 8r (TeXBase1) encoding vector; there
should be some examples of this in dvips.map anyway.

>Now I tried loading arial.sty, which included ot1ma1.fd.
>There is no entry for the two fonts, so I tried myself
>   <-> ma1l7tc
>   <-> ma1b7tc
>But then the tfm-files seem to be missing.

Correct :-)

>To see at least a little bit of the contents I
>tried defining them as
>   <-> ma1l8rc
>   <-> ma1b8rc
>Now I could select them and almost everyting works fine,
>except that the encoding is not correct in some places.
>(germandbls and ydieresis are exchanged for example).

That's to be expected too.  You need some vf files.

>Actually before changing psfonts.map and/or 8r.enc I
>would like to know, how I could get the ma1l7tc.tfm
>and ma1b7tc.tfm files, since I assume that this would
>provide me with an OT1-conformant enconding, so that
>the 8r.enc applied by dvips would map the characters
>to the right position. Probably the according any
>.vf-files are required, too.

The method I would try first would be using fontinst's \latinfamily
command.  Very inefficient, but if it works, it's probably the easiest

>I do have the afm-files, but don't know, how to use
>them correctly with afm2tfm and vptovf.
>Any help would be appreciated.

I'm not sure that afm2tfm can create vfs.  You might try fontisnt
1.8.something (from CTAN) and see if you can make any sense of the
documentation; if not, ask here again.