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Re: installing a commercial font

At 9:31 pm +0100 19/9/98, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
>At 12:43 pm +0100 19/9/98, Berthold K.P. Horn wrote:
>He's right that the job is near-trivial: if you get fontinst, the following
>TeX file will probably do the job:
>\input fontinst
>You'll need to make sure the files ma1l8ac.afm and ma1b8ac.afm are in the
>same folder as the file above.

It seems to me that these condensed afms should be called:

ma1l8an.afm and ma1b8an.afm
      |               |
      |               |
    change          change

It should work okay now.

btw, the other advantage of using fontinst over LY1 encoding is that
fontinst will provide faked italic, slanted, and small caps founts if the
real thing doesn't exist.

I have, btw, tried LY1 encoded tfms from Y&Y, and the lack of faked small
caps (etc) is something that I find a great limitation.