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Re: installing a commercial font

> Quite who the Lords of TeX are, I couldn't say.  Speaking for myself, I'm
> just a normal user, but I've spent quite a lot of time trying (and not
> succeeding very well) to improve the available fontinst documentation:

Now speaking for MYself, I last week used fontinst for the first time to
get some pfb/afm combination to go which I had converted from a windows
ttf font. The documentation of fontinst was very good in my opinion! It
got my job done anyway.

> lines in them).  Convert the pl files to tfms using pltotfm, and convert
> each vpl file to a tfm and vf file pair using vptovf.

This I haven't worked out yet. You end up with 2 tfm files. Which one to
use? They were not the same if I remember correctly. I only ran vptovf
and used those tfm files. Or is that the reason why the inter-character
spacing was completely stuffed (which I blamed on ttf2pfa and ttf2pt1)?