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Re: installing a commercial font

>> lines in them).  Convert the pl files to tfms using pltotfm, and convert
>> each vpl file to a tfm and vf file pair using vptovf.
>This I haven't worked out yet. You end up with 2 tfm files. Which one to
>use? They were not the same if I remember correctly. I only ran vptovf
>and used those tfm files. Or is that the reason why the inter-character
>spacing was completely stuffed (which I blamed on ttf2pfa and ttf2pt1)?

You get one tfm for every vf and one tfm for every "real" (i.e., non-vf)
font. TeX uses the tfm for the vf when it does typesetting. The driver who
has to interpret the generated dvi, reads the vf, which in turn contain
references to other fonts (in your case a ttf), which the driver needs to
know the metrics of too. The latter information is found in the tfm for the
real font.

Lars Hellström