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Re: installing a commercial font

>> Quite who the Lords of TeX are, I couldn't say.  Speaking for myself, I'm
>> just a normal user, but I've spent quite a lot of time trying (and not
>> succeeding very well) to improve the available fontinst documentation:
>Now speaking for MYself, I last week used fontinst for the first time to
>get some pfb/afm combination to go which I had converted from a windows
>ttf font. The documentation of fontinst was very good in my opinion! It
>got my job done anyway.

I'm glad to hear it helped; but I can assure you that the fontinst
documentation is really not very good at all.  I've been trying to improve
it, but since I don't yet understand the nitty-gritty details, it's not
easy.  The documentation for the \latinfamily command is now adequate in my
opinion; the rest of it needs a *lot* of work.

>> lines in them).  Convert the pl files to tfms using pltotfm, and convert
>> each vpl file to a tfm and vf file pair using vptovf.
>This I haven't worked out yet. You end up with 2 tfm files. Which one to
>use? They were not the same if I remember correctly. I only ran vptovf
>and used those tfm files.

You should (probably) end up with more than 2 tfm files; there should have
been a couple of pl files too that you should have run pltotf on too.

What exactly did you say to fontinst to get it to do the work?  And which
afm files did you being with?

> Or is that the reason why the inter-character
>spacing was completely stuffed (which I blamed on ttf2pfa and ttf2pt1)?

I'm not TeXnical enough to know about this, but...  Where did you get the
afms from?