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fake small caps for times with TeXnANSIEncoding encoding?


I'd like to have a faked small caps for Times-Roman and Times-Bold in
LY1 encoding. Is there someone who can tell me how to get ptmbc8y.vf
and ptmrc8y.vf (these should map into the 8r fonts, of course)?

The reason for my question is that I am just setting up Lucida Bright
and Mathtime and my idea is to get everything working for OT1, T1 and LY1.
The LY1 files refer to tibsc.pfb and tirsc.pfb:

ptmbc8y Times-BoldSC "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc <tibsc.pfb
ptmrc8y Times-RomanSC "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc <tirsc.pfb

but I don't have these. I'd be grateful for any help.