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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Lars Hellström wrote:

> Does anyone know if it is a known problem that printing on a PS printer
> using one TeX implementation could cause errors if one later tries to print
> with another?
> The background to my question is an angry bug report (directed to just
> about anyone in sight) one of the professors at our institution made
> earlier today. According to him, he gets incorrect output (blank papers)
> when using Textures to print a document on a printer if someone perviously
> has printed anything on that printer using OzTeX (i.e., dvips).
> Lars Hellstrvm

	I used to look after a network which was shared between mac's
and UN*X boxes... we always had trouble with the macs printing ... they
often altered the configuration of the printer and behaved anti-socially.
I would suspect the print server more than dvips....

	Claude Lacoursiere.