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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

Recall that it is possible for a PostScript job to download fonts,
forms, and other material into a printer which survives across jobs,
and is only lost when the printer is power cycled; see the big Adobe
Red Book, p. 69 ``Altering Initial VM'' for discussion.

Essentially, this capability exists so that a spooler can manage the
data stream to a printer, avoiding downloading fonts that are already
known to be resident.  While this may be convenient in a uniform
environment, it is decidedly antisocial when the printer is network
accessible by multiple spoolers (read, workstations and personal

I too have found Macintosh PostScript files to be printable directly,
but not usable when transferred to another system, suggesting that
exactly this sort of resource management is going on.

The Red Book at the page cited above gives information on how to
prevent such downloading.

Here is the full reference to the Red Book:

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