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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

At 09:01 PM 10/13/98 +0200, Pavel Janik ml. wrote:

>   > Recall that it is possible for a PostScript job to download fonts,
>   > forms, and other material into a printer which survives across jobs,
>   > and is only lost when the printer is power cycled; see the big Adobe
>   > Red Book, p. 69 ``Altering Initial VM'' for discussion.

>if you do not have Adobe's Red Book - see "Supporting Downloadable
>PostScript Language Fonts" - Technical Note #5040 from Adobe, page
>9. I think it should clarify the original problem.

I don't think this has anything to do with state left over in VM.
Typically PS jobs do not clutter VM by permanently downloading code.

As I stated before, there is another state that is preserved across jobs:
the glyph cache, which is organized on FontName, FontMatrix and
UniqueID.  Which is why it is a bad (TM) idea to call a modified font
by the same PS FontName as the original.  Some DVI drivers do this...