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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

>>(BTW, I have still not been able to pinpoint _any_
>>font downloading in the things Textures send to the printer. But shouldn't
>>the printer report some sort of error if a document tries to use a font it
>>does not have? I haven't seen that either, despite my requesting the
>>printer to give a full report of all errors.)
>If you look at the PS code you should find the fonts in PFA format.
>Look for `eexec' and many lines of hex code followed by `cleartomark'
I had already done that. The only thing that turned up (and did so only
with one installation) was Geneva, which was included without ever being
used. I believe the printer driver did that on its own.

>Unless you are using only printer resident fonts like Times.
>There should also be code that defines the `coordinated' (reencdode to
>Mac roman encoding) versions of the fonts with names decorated with /_
>If its still puzzling, send me such a file.
Will do.

>>Well, you're defintely wrong about this one. The CM cut that comes with
>>Textures is by BSR (at least they claim the copyright). The CM cut that
>>comes with OzTeX is called BaKoMa. I've checked the cmr10 fonts of both
>>sets, and the UniqueIDs are not the same, so I very much doubt any printer
>>driver should be able to "unpack" them as the same thing.
>I had assumed you were using the BSR/Y&Y/AMS fonts off CTAN.  Yes the
>BaKoMa fonts are different, and should give even less reason for conflict,
>since they use lower case font names, as far as I recollect. Which raises
>the issue about how they get around the 5+3+3... font name contracting
>problem - but I guess only DVIPS sees these files so it doesn't matter, hmm...
I believe the system's 5+3+3+... name contraction is based on how the name
is split up in the fontname table of the FOND resource, not on case of
letters, so you could get it around it if you want to. Still, that is of
course not relevant here since, as you say, only DVIPS use these LWFNs, not
the system.

>How about having OzTeX use the same fonts?  This might clear up matters.
If it was only one installation, perhaps. As it is now, it would probably
be cheaper (when counting the cost of manpower) to take Sebastian's
suggestion and buy the prof. this own printer.

Lars Hellström