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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

> Or maybe you have conflicting CM fonts installed with some
> other system (or broken ones!), or  ... - maybe ask BSR?

(I'll volunteer ... :-)

Now that I see the particulars, the problem is resolvable
(actually there are two problems): (1) that the bitmap fonts are
coming out blank is (almost certainly) due to a problem with
certain System software that, when the monitor is set to more
than 256 colors, fails to provide Textures with the single-bit
depth fonts that are requested; Textures can make no sense of
the colored fonts, and writes blanks instead; the "solution"
to this problem is to change the monitor bit depth to 8-bit
or less; (2) the real problem is that bitmap fonts are used
at all!  This indicates that the font installation is confused,
probably by an excess of font suitcases, including at least
one that indicates that CM bitmap fonts are to be used instead
of the CM PostScript fonts that are desired.  The solution,
generally speaking, is to remove -all- CM fonts and suitcases
>From both the System folder and the TeX fonts folder, and then
to reinstall only the CM PostScript fonts and screen font suitcases.

We'll be happy to provide more specific instruction, on request
>From the customer ...

cheers barry