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Re: input 39 in ansinew.def

Thierry wrote --

> \catcode`\'=\active \DeclareInputText{39}{\textquotesingle}
> %         ^              this is input character 39
> would work?

It may "work" in a very restricted sense but, as Bernd pointed out, it
will not work at all well with the rest of LaTeX.

Note that this is not part of LaTeX:

> ansiacce.tex does indeed make 39 and 96 active, since in ISO Latin 1
> and Windows ANSI these are quotesingle and grave accent,
> not quoteright and quoteleft as in ASCII or TeX text.  

Two rules of LaTeX:

-- In LaTeX, printable ascii characters NEVER change their catcode from
that assigned originally asigned to them, even when using inputenc.

-- And all characters keep the same catcode throughout the body of a

Chris Rowley  ---  On behalf of the LaTeX3 Project Team