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Re: input 39 in ansinew.def

At 04:27 PM 10/30/98 +0000, Chris Rowley wrote:

>Note that this is not part of LaTeX:

>> ansiacce.tex does indeed make 39 and 96 active, since in ISO Latin 1
>> and Windows ANSI these are quotesingle and grave accent,
>> not quoteright and quoteleft as in ASCII or TeX text.  

OK, its not part of LaTeX.  but is also in texnansi.sty which is in the LY1 PSNFSS support.

>Two rules of LaTeX:

>-- In LaTeX, printable ascii characters NEVER change their catcode from
>that assigned originally asigned to them, even when using inputenc.

>-- And all characters keep the same catcode throughout the body of a

Good rules.  And easy to live by if you are on a system that uses ASCII or OT1 input
rather than ANSI, ISO Latin 1 or Unicode.  It is convenient on one of those to make 
those two characters active.  And once you get rid of all the unneccesary use of octal 
notation it actually doesn't interfere too badly with most style files.

Regards, Berthold.