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Re: truetype and tex?

At 06:15 AM 98/11/04 +0000, you wrote:

>I don't suppose that should be much of a surprise.  A legal alternative to
>converting Mac <-> Wintel Truetype is to get one of two shareware apps:

>Font Clerk
>TT Converter

It is indeed trivial for TrueType fonts, since the file format is the same
on both machine right down to having the `wrong' byte order on the
Intel platform.  The only `trick' is to get both resource and data forks
of the file over to the PC side.

>btw, do Truetype founts have any means of specifying kerning?

Yes, one of many tables in a TrueType font file is the kerning pair table.
Here is a sample from Arial.ttf

13. 'kern' - chksm = 0x37613936, off = 0x0001F320, len =     5472

'kern' Table - Kerning Data
Size = 5472 bytes
 'kern' Version:           0
 Number of subtables:      1

   Subtable format     0
   Subtable version    0
   Bytes in subtable   5468
   Coverage bits       0x1
   Number of pairs     909
   Search Range        3072
   Entry Selector      9
   Range Shift         2382

   Left Glyph   Right Glyph   Kern Move
   ----------   -----------   ---------
            3            36        -113
            3            55         -37
            3            60         -37

Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu