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Re: helvetica ttf

Concernant « Re: helvetica ttf », Berthold Horn écrit : «
» At 07:19 1998-11-18 -0500, sunshine wrote:
» >i am looking for Helvetica ttf for use in pagemaker 6.0 for desk top
» >publishing. please e-mail me a down loadable site at csc@apk.net
» (1) Why ask here?
» (2) Helvetica exist in Type 1 format, not TrueType
» (3) Fonts are protected by copyright, it would be wrong for anyone to mail you this font

to which you may add

(4) It you are looking for a TTF Helvetica, you certainly are using
some sort of operating system supporting that font format. I would be
delighted to know of one such system that does not provide some
flavour of Helvetica (maybe called Geneva, or Arial or NimbusSans
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.