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Re: helvetica ttf

At 12:48 pm +0000 18/11/98, Berthold Horn wrote:
>At 07:19 1998-11-18 -0500, sunshine wrote:
>>i am looking for Helvetica ttf for use in pagemaker 6.0 for desk top
>>publishing. please e-mail me a down loadable site at csc@apk.net
>(1) Why ask here?
>(2) Helvetica exist in Type 1 format, not TrueType

Helvetica exists in TrueType format.  I have a version on my computer now.
It came with my computer.  It *also* exists in PostScript Type 1 format.
The fact that it exists in one format doesn't mean it doesn't exist in any
others: the first versions were metal.

>(3) Fonts are protected by copyright, it would be wrong for anyone to mail
>you this font

Founts are protected in some parts of the world by copyright law, and
protected in other ways in other parts of the world - copyright law doesn't
apply to (most) founts in the USA AFAIK, although it does cover founts in
Germany.  It would probably be illegal for anyone to email a copy of
Helvetica to anyone else.  Since Apple has been giving away copies of
Helvetica TrueType with the MacOS for some time now, I would suggest that
it's not wrong to email a copy of this fount to anyone else, just illegal.


There's a good chance you'll be able to track down Helvetica TrueType at