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Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyphs and their identifiers


> (4) It's useful as a starting point.  It would be a pity to ignore
> it and start from scratch...

I was not disputing that.

But will it ever get all the technical glyphs in it?

> (2) If you leave out the ideographic character sets, 
> then a few thousand is all that is left ...

Mmm, that does fit with my menory of the non-ideo part of Unicode but
I probably cannot count.

> (3) The glyph names in that list cover all of the 2200 odd fonts in the
> Adobe Type Library (AFIK),

But 2195 even of them are the same WE glyphs:-)!
That library does not contain any "odd fonts", that's the problem:-).