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Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyphs and their identifiers

Thierry Bouche wrote --
>  (3) The glyph names in that list cover all of the 2200 odd fonts in the
>  Adobe Type Library (AFIK), so they correspond at least to some
>  commonly used ones...
> no! that's the fun, many many current glyphs are missing (special
> ligatures,

> all the ampersand of Poetica...)

Do they have names???

I did a rough census of Unicode and found some trvia.

There are approx 1000 glyphie thingies in each of the following 3

--  latin-, cyriilic- and greek-based alphabets;

--  other non-ideographic scripts;

--  glyphs used in conjunction with ideographs but not ideographs.