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Re: question about adobe Cyrillic fonts.

"BKPH" == Berthold K P Horn writes:

 BKPH> I do not know of a source for non-Adobe AFMs (other than buying
 BKPH> the fonts).  But wouldn't you want to reencode such fonts in
 BKPH> any case to your favourite Cyrillic encoding? And hence the
 BKPH> encoding they come with is irrelevant?

more or less, except how to name the AFM files. :) btw, some monotype
AFMs are available at CTAN (e.g. in the ot2cyr package). So,
distribution of AFMs is not restricted? If so, could anyone who owns
those monotype and linotype cyrillic fonts put AFMs somewhere on ftp? :)
(so that we could create virtual fonts and put them on CTAN)

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.