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Re: question about adobe Cyrillic fonts.

On 5/09/99 at 22:04, ulrik.vieth@bluewin.de (Ulrik Vieth) wrote:

> l_____    TimesTenGreek-Upright             LL  7021    ttg_____
> l_____    TimesTenGreekP-Upright            LL  7001    ttp_____
> l_____    TimesTenCE-Roman                  LL  7036    ttxr____
> If anyone could identify these encodings, it would be nice to know.

"GreekP" stands for polytonic Greek. "Greek" stands for monotonic Greek,
but Linotype has done a terrible mistake: instead of using an acute accent
glyph for the unique accent, they took a triangle. These fonts should be
avoided. For typesetting monotonic Greek, it is better to take a polytonic
font and use its acute accent.

CE stands for Central Europe, these fonts have more or less the glyphs of
ISO Latin-2: theyr cover Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish,
Romanian (with a comma and not a cedilla), Slovak, Slovene and Sorbian.