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Re: question about adobe Cyrillic fonts.

"YH" == Yannis Haralambous writes:

 YH> "GreekP" stands for polytonic Greek. "Greek" stands for monotonic
 YH> Greek, but Linotype has done a terrible mistake: instead of using
 YH> an acute accent glyph for the unique accent, they took a
 YH> triangle. These fonts should be avoided. For typesetting
 YH> monotonic Greek, it is better to take a polytonic font and use
 YH> its acute accent.

could it be a mistake of Microsoft but not Linotype (BTW, the font has
Adobe's copyright)? :) because the encoding in "Greek" typeface
exactly matches MS cp1253 codepage.

BTW, what is a triangle? i did not find a glyph with such name in
"Greek" font.

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.