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Re: configuring xdvi

> Can somebody tell me how to configure xdvi to use PostScript fonts?
> I am always using dvips and gv, so that all my PostScript fonts are listed
> in psfonts.map (and similar files). xdvi thinks they are metafont fonts and
> tries to generate them. In xdvi's man file I couldn't find any
> reference to a configuration file similar to psfonts.map.
The xdvi coming with the latest teTeX should find all your Postscript fonts
listed in psfonts.map and call gftopk for each of it if needed. However
this may fail (as on a system here) if you have several psfonts.map
files e.g. in /usr/local/share/texmt and /usr/share/texmf. In such a
case it finds one of them. I had to hack mktexpk to look for mypsfonts.map
as well. I ran into another problem which kept xdvi from calling gftopk:
the env variable VFFONTS was set (due to problems I had in the past with
kdvi). When I unset the variable it work without problems.