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Re: configuring xdvi

On 6/09/99 at 14:01, steinm@majestix.fernuni-hagen.de (Uwe Steinmann) wrote:

> The xdvi coming with the latest teTeX should find all your Postscript fonts
> listed in psfonts.map and call gftopk for each of it if needed. However
> this may fail (as on a system here) if you have several psfonts.map
> files e.g. in /usr/local/share/texmt and /usr/share/texmf. In such a
> case it finds one of them. I had to hack mktexpk to look for mypsfonts.map
> as well. I ran into another problem which kept xdvi from calling gftopk:
> the env variable VFFONTS was set (due to problems I had in the past with
> kdvi). When I unset the variable it work without problems.

Thank for the hint.
I started hacking mktexpk myself and found something strange: when I use
gsftopk --mapfile=<my .map file> <fontname> <dpi>
it works fine: I get a nice pk file. But when I add the -t option then
I get no reply at all, weither the font is or not in the .map file
And precisely this test is done in the mktexpk script, no wonder it never
creates any PK font.

Any idea why 
gsftopk --test --mapfile=<my .map file> <fontname> <dpi>
produces no output?


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