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Re: configuring xdvi

Yannis Haralambous <yannnis@fluxus-virus.com> writes:

> Can somebody tell me how to configure xdvi to use PostScript fonts?
> I am always using dvips and gv, so that all my PostScript fonts are listed
> in psfonts.map (and similar files). xdvi thinks they are metafont fonts and
> tries to generate them. In xdvi's man file I couldn't find any
> reference to a configuration file similar to psfonts.map.
> Could somebody enlighten me?

I think `man gsftopk' will give the information you need .

As I understand it, teTeX's xdvi is configured to call MakeTeXPK and
MakeTeXPK is supposed to call metafont or gsftopk in the case of PS
fonts (I haven't looked to see how MakeTeXPK decides to call gsftopk.

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