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Re: fontname 2.7 diff for TimesTen

> Hello, in order to enhance support for the TimesTen font (from the
> adobe.map file) the following diff would be beneficial:
> (please notify me if this is an inappropriate forum for this letter)

Sorry, but this isn't quite right. You're correct about the typo for
TimesTen-BoldItalic, which should be pttbi8a not pttri8a, of course.
However, it would be wrong to add entries for TimesTen SC+OsF fonts
to package #062 if they actually belong into package #196.

Here is the corrected list:

pttb8a    TimesTen-Bold                     A    062    ttb_____
pttbi8a   TimesTen-BoldItalic               A    062    ttbi____
pttri8a   TimesTen-Italic                   A    062    tti_____
pttr8a    TimesTen-Roman                    A    062    ttr_____

pttbij8a  TimesTen-BoldItalicOsF            A    196    ttbio___
pttbj8a   TimesTen-BoldOsF                  A    196    ttbof___
pttrij8a  TimesTen-ItalicOsF                A    196    ttiof___
pttrc8a   TimesTen-RomanSC                  A    196    ttrsc___

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.:  When I last looked at the Adobe Web Site, I noticed that
there is yet another bunch of new or repackaged font packages
that need to be added to adobe.map.

p_____    Strumpf-Open                      A    507    ufou____
p_____    Strumpf-Contour                   A    507    ufcnt___

malr8a    AlbertusMT                        A    508    lr______
malri8a   AlbertusMT-Italic                 A    508    lri_____
mall8a    AlbertusMT-Light                  A    508    lrl_____
mtlr8a    CastellarMT                       A    509    el______
panr8a    Anna                              A    510    iarg____
p_____    Beesknees                         A    511    ikh_____
p_____    MonaLisa-Recut                    A    512    iyin____
p_____    MonaLisa-Solid                    A    512    iysd____
p_____    Ozwald                            A    513    ozh_____
p_____    Amigo                             A    514    ig______
pmgr8a    Marigold                          A    515    my______
pofr8a    Oxford                            A    516    of______
p_____    Pelican                           A    517    lq______
pvgr8a    Visigoth                          A    518    vg______
ptjb8a    Trajan-Bold                       A    519    tjb_____
ptjr8a    Trajan-Regular                    A    519    tjrg____
pcgb8a    Charlemagne-Bold                  A    520    czb_____
pcgr8a    Charlemagne-Regular               A    520    czrg____
pbsr8a    BakerSignet                       A    521    ba______
picr8a    Impact                            A    522    impa____
pkxrd8a   Kigali-Block                      A    523    kxblk___
pkxrw8a   Kigali-ZigZag                     A    524    kxdc____
potb8a    Coronet-Bold                      A    525    n_b_____
potr8a    Coronet                           A    525    n_rg____
pdkb8a    Diskus-Bold                       A    526    d_b_____
pdkr8a    Diskus                            A    526    d_rg____