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Re: configuring xdvi

> > The xdvi coming with the latest teTeX should find all your Postscript fonts
> > listed in psfonts.map and call gftopk for each of it if needed. However

Not 100% correct. mktexpk calls gsftopk with the -t (same as --test)
and this reads the same map files as dvips -Pgsftopk would do.

gsftopk -t just returns an exit code which mktexpk uses to decide
whether gsftopk supports a given font or not.

> it works fine: I get a nice pk file. But when I add the -t option then
> I get no reply at all, weither the font is or not in the .map file
> And precisely this test is done in the mktexpk script, no wonder it never
> creates any PK font.
> Any idea why 
> gsftopk --test --mapfile=<my .map file> <fontname> <dpi>
> produces no output?

gsftopk --test is supposed to produce no pk file.

Look at the return code of gsftopk, in bash e.g. with
  echo $?
to see which answer gsftopk passes to mktexpk.

Use KPATHSEA_DEBUG=4 (environment variable) to see which files gsftopk
really reads.