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Re: BaKoMa fonts

Laurent Siebenmann writes:
 > I suspect that to get the one-and-only complete and up-to-date
 > version of the BaKoMa font collection is the one you get with
 > the shareware BaKoMa TeX. Prove me wrong! The version of the

I might look. To be honest, I do not really have the enthusiasm to
track down variants of BaKoMa fonts. It just isn't worth the hassle of 
trying to find variations and understand licenses.

 > So, yes, you can go and get a very useful edition of BaKoMa 
 > font collection at:
 >      ftp://topo.math.u-psud.fr/pub/tex/AcroDVI_alpha
OK, have looked at them, and read the license. Looks like I shall have 
to remove the fonts from TeX Live.

 >  > nice sidekick fonts too like the rsfs (script) and the
 >  > LamsTeX arrow fonts and the XY fonts.
 >  SR> these are not from Basil, surely?
 > They are.  Dated 1997.

the rsfs I have is from Taco Hoekwater, and the xypic fonts seem to be 
by Kris and Ross.

 >  > Publication of PDF files requires a $15 shareware fee to
 >  > Malyshev for individuals, and $100 for commercial publishers.
 >  SR> per document? per year? once? come on, this is unreal....
 > Welcome to the strange but very real world of shareware. I like

I know about shareware, thanks. 

 > shareware because it gives talented young progammers the moral
 > and physical independence they deserve early

now you sound like the American constitution

 >  SR> Basil Malyshev explicitly told me earlier this year
 >  > that the few BaKoMa fonts needed to fill the gaps
 >  > in the Blue Sky/Y&Y collection were complete freely
 >  > distributable and useable.
 > Interesting news, even as hearsay. Does it mean that Malyshev
 > has obtained outside financial support? Can you point to
 > written confirmation? Has such a free package been posted by
 > Malyshev?

I foolishly did NOT keep the email from Basil. So unless he wants to
publicly repeat the statement, I propose to withdraw from my position
on this.

 > available" rather than just "scientific".  If you want to work up
 > some hard statistics for us, start with www.emis.de.

I am not a statistician, thanks. I'll leave that to you guys