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Re: BaKoMa fonts

»  LS> Scientific elecronic publication is 98% CM. 
»  SR> If you replace "scientific" with "mathematical academic",
»  > maybe we could agree on 60%?
» I should indeed  have specified "mathematical, academic, and freely
» available" rather than just "scientific".  If you want to work up
» some hard statistics for us, start with www.emis.de.

I'd say that these elecronic publications are mostly "no fonts",
because most of electronic articles i get are simply (la)tex source (xxx
preprint server) that i print with the font set i like (plain
TeX files i get are printed using Utopia, e.g., because my "plain" TeX
format uses them...)

Now, it is quite funny how professional publishers _never_ post DVI
(typically journal summaries are in HTML, papers in PDF), and academic
self-publishers (as EMIS, Annales de l'Institut Fourier...) insist on
the DVI format being the smallest, quickest, etc. They're simply
blind, not even realizing that figures vanish, that the unix special
syntax is useless under other DVI viewers than xdvi, etc. It's plain
arrogant amateurism and incompetence.
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.