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Re: Problem with ~ and ^

At 01:29 AM 11/29/1999 -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:

>OK, I have a problem.  The documents, when converted to PDF via
>ghostscript 5.94, have blanks for ligatures like fi, fl, and copyright
>symbols.  I have seen this before, and it usually has to do with some
>improper encoding.  It looks fine when the PS file is viewed.
>Any ideas?  I was really starting to like LY1 too.

This is in Windows?  And using fonts like Times-Roman, Helvetica
and Courier?  Then your problem is the substitution of locally
installed TrueType fonts, e.g. TimesNewRoman for the Type 1
Times-Roman.  Acrobat cannot reencode TrueType fonts, and 
Windows ANSI text font encoding does not include fi and fl, so
you will lose these.

You can get around this, by installing ATM with the "real" fonts
Times-Roman, Helvetica and Courier.  I always uninstall the
standard Windows TrueType fonts to avoid this nonsense
(except in Windows NT and Windows 2000 Pro),
but then you need the Type 1 fonts as substitutes.

Or you can undo the substitution of TimesNewRoman for 
Times Roman, Arial for Helvetica and Courier New for Courier.
Edit the font substitution tables (registry).

This "effect" is somewhat dependent on the version of Acrobat
Reader you are using and also on the version of Windows you 
are in.

And write Bill Gates about the idiocy of not including f-ligatures
in Windows ANSI.  While you are at it, write the Apple people
about the idiocy of not including ff-ligatures in Mac standard roman.

Another way around this is to use fonts that are not substituted
for (avoid Times-Roman, Helvetica and Courier).

Regards, Berthold.

Berthold K.P. Horn  mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu  http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/bkph