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Re: Problem with ~ and ^

> At 01:29 AM 11/29/1999 -0500, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >OK, I have a problem.  The documents, when converted to PDF via
> >ghostscript 5.94, have blanks for ligatures like fi, fl, and copyright
> >symbols.  I have seen this before, and it usually has to do with some
> >improper encoding.  It looks fine when the PS file is viewed.
> >
> >Any ideas?  I was really starting to like LY1 too.
> This is in Windows?  And using fonts like Times-Roman, Helvetica
> and Courier?  Then your problem is the substitution of locally
> installed TrueType fonts, e.g. TimesNewRoman for the Type 1
> Times-Roman.  Acrobat cannot reencode TrueType fonts, and 
> Windows ANSI text font encoding does not include fi and fl, so
> you will lose these.

No, sorry, I should have mentioned I am using BSD/OS Unix.

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