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Installing 2,000 PS fonts.


	I have just a bit over 2,000 PostScript Type 1 fonts,
	which I bought as a part of Adobe FontFolio

	Anyway, now I have to somehow get these fonts to work
	in LaTeX.  Judging by the documentation that I came
	across, I have to paths before me:
		- using vfinst
		- something to do with LY1 encoding.

	Now, from what I understand, using the LY1 method
	would hinder the "expert" fonts and ligatures that I
	have.  Is that true?  If it is, it's unacceptable, as
	I intent to use all font variants that I have in my

	As far as the vfinst method goes, I think that that's
	the one I'll stick to, as I can use all of font's
	variants and etc.  However, there is a problem -- it
	seems that I have to rename 2000+ fonts that I have
	in ATM-style filenames (the form they were
	distributed in).  Well, that seems like a lot of work.
	Is there a script that would do that automatically?

Thank you,


P.s.  Happy New "One-Year-Till-New-Millennium" Year.