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Re: Installing 2,000 PS fonts.

nox13k@optonline.net writes:
 > 	Anyway, now I have to somehow get these fonts to work
 > 	in LaTeX.  Judging by the documentation that I came
 > 	across, I have to paths before me:
 > 		- using vfinst
 > 		      or
 > 		- something to do with LY1 encoding.

or rolling your own stuff, using fontinst.

 > 	Now, from what I understand, using the LY1 method
 > 	would hinder the "expert" fonts and ligatures that I
 > 	have.  Is that true?  If it is, it's unacceptable, as
 > 	I intent to use all font variants that I have in my
 > 	possession.

you can do anything, using any of the encodings, if you know what you
are doing. there are many ways to skin a cat. its very hard to advise
which is best, because the answer is usually "whatever works for
you". it also depends on whether this work is for you, on your
platform, full stop; or whether you plan to share it with others, and
work with different drivers etc etc.

 > 	variants and etc.  However, there is a problem -- it
 > 	seems that I have to rename 2000+ fonts that I have
 > 	in ATM-style filenames (the form they were

you don't have to rename fonts if you use fontinst directly.