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(fwd) bugs in .enc files

Jean-François Mertens <jfm@core.ucl.ac.be> wrote:
>         I don't use teTeX, working currently on a Mac but it seems
> clear to me that the .enc files I get with CMacTeX (as well as
> most files in most distributions...) come from the teTeX distribution.
> Making a search on CTAN led me to /fonts/utilities/vplutils, but
> that directory contains no address whatsoever for bug reports, so
> you may be the person best placed to get this corrected at the source.
> I recently went to ftp://sirius.ihep.su//pub/users/malyshev to download
> a couple of fonts (having bugs with my BaKoMa-extra fonts (eg msam6), I
> wanted to be sure to have the latest versions before sending a bug report
> _ and those ARE correct). Unpacking those ".exe" files (which was no
> pleasure, for a mac user) yielded also a number of ".enc" files, of which
> the 2 attached differed from mine, and rightly so after checking.
> The correction must of course be attributed to Malyshev.

The change to EC.enc seems to be correct an I think
that I should update that file. Is there a way to get
CTAN:fonts/utilities/vplutils/encodings/EC.enc changed, too?

I am not sure about symbol.enc, since Malyshev's comment explicitly
refers to URW fonts. Is CTAN:utilities/vplutils/encodings/symbol.enc
correct for Adobe fonts? How can this mismatch (Adobe vs. URW) be


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