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modes.mf and HP Laserjet 4050

In my work, we recently (earlier today) installed a HP Laserjet 4050, and
naturally I looked in modes.mf to see if there was a mode for it. There is
a mode for an HP Laserjet 4000, which I assume will work fine (should you
happen to know otherwise, then please tell me of course). Anyway, as I
noticed that the modes.mf that came with my TeX installation was dated

%   version = "3.3",
%   date = "Fri Jan 16 16:17:03 EST 1998"

i.e., over two years ago, I had a look at CTAN to see if there was a newer
version. Somewhat to my surprise, the only modes.mf that I found
(fonts/amsfonts/sources/modes.mf) was dated

%   version = "3.2",
%   date = "Thu Nov  7 15:51:45 EST 1996"

Thus if the home for modes.mf is not on CTAN, then where is it? (The BibTeX
header doesn't give an URL.)

Lars Hellström