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Re: frutiger names in adobe.map

andreas.thiel@u-blox.com writes:
 > which is today the recommended encoding when I want to use all the 
 > characters of an adobe ps font, e.g. the greek mu?

its usually not poassible to get at all the characters simultaneously,
because there are often more than 256.

 > is 8r still o.k.? ther were times when LY1 was a favourite...
8r does not include /mu. ly1 does

ly1 probably is better in many ways, but the effort to shift the
entire TeX psfonts behemoth to it is a fairly unbearable thought.

 > is there - somewhere on the net or in printed form - a _really_ 
 > understandable documentation of all this postscript font stuff 
 > available?
I claim (biased) that the LaTeX Graphics Companion meets this spec