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Re: frutiger names in adobe.map

 pfr8brc   Frutiger-BoldCn                   A    261    ftbc____
 rather read:
 pfrb8ac   Frutiger-BoldCn                   A    261    ftbc____
 all the other frutiger names comply fully with the tex naming standards.

Well, one day Karl Berry converted all the 8a names in the fontname
maps files to 8r. This way, you could import them into fonts.alias or
convert them to psfonts.map easily (I believe).

 which is today the recommended encoding when I want to use all the 
 characters of an adobe ps font, e.g. the greek mu?
 is 8r still o.k.? ther were times when LY1 was a favourite...

Y&Y advertizes loudly LY1 and provides ready-mades TFMs, fontinst
 uses 8r and produces T1 and TS1 VFs, so that \textmu will work with a
standard latex setup. Choosing one out of those solutions is your
taste (an ability of your tex system regarding VF fonts...)

 is there - somewhere on the net or in printed form - a _really_ 
 understandable documentation of all this postscript font stuff 

I'm afraid not!

Thierry Bouche