TUG Bursary Report for 2005

The application deadline for TUG 2005 was Friday, March 25, 2005 (for the conference in Wuhan, China from August 23 through 25, 2005).

A total of five applications were received prior to the deadline (not counting two frivolous applications which were not considered).

The Bursary Committee examined the five applications and voted to fund four of them. Those four were funded in full.

The total awarded was $3600. In order to fund this amount, the TUG Board added some additional money to the Bursary Fund. Since the amount awarded was slightly more than the amount in the fund, there will not be a carry-over for 2006.

The largest award was for $1200 and the smallest was for $700. The average award was $900. Two of the four recipients live in the United States; one is from the United Kingdom, and the fourth is from Sri Lanka.

The Commitee for 2005 was composed of Jana Chlebikova, Bogusław Jackowski, Kaja Christiansen, and Sam Rhoads (Chairman).

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