TeX software DVDs

As of 2024, TUG is facilitating the burning of TeX software DVDs by volunteers, rather than doing a bulk mailing to all members.

Request a DVD

Please use this DVD request form.

Burn your own

The same software components as in previous years are available. Their total size exceeds the capacity of a dual-layer DVD, so no all-in-one image is available. It is simplest to burn each desired component to its own DVD.

Questions/discussion: the texdvd@tug.org mailing list

If you have questions or suggestions, or wish to volunteer, please write to the texdvd@tug.org mailing list. More info about the list:

Past releases

Releases of all components from previous years are online for historical purposes. This archive includes both the ISO images, tarballs, and live archives.

TUG also has copies of the DVD/CD releases for most years up to 2023. If you want disc(s) for any older releases, please contact the TUG office.

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