GUST Font License

The GUST font license (GFL) is legally identical to the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), version 1.3c or later, but please observe its additional but not legally binding clause.

Some font families developed by the GUST e-foundry are released under this license. It is intended to do so for all GUST e-foundry products.


  1. The text of the GUST FONT LICENSE (GFL).
  2. A template MANIFEST-SomeFontName.txt text file for the GFL.
  3. A sample README-SomeFontName.txt text file for the GFL.
  4. A separate instruction for authors wishing to release under the GUST font license is not yet available but the roles of MANIFEST-SomeFontName.txt and README-SomeFontName.txt should clearly follow from the text of the license itself.
  5. Karl Berry (TUG) and Jerzy Ludwichowski (GUST) wrote a short paper describing the GFL and its usage. It might be read in conjunction with an earlier article.

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