2004 TUG Membership Form

Direct benefits for TUG membership in 2004 (more info):

Alternatively, you can choose to receive the 2003 software with your 2004 membership, or purchase the software currently available without becoming a member through the TUG store. We do not expect the 2004 distributions to be ready until late fall, at best.

Dues are generally tax deductible (at least in the USA), less value of benefits, which for this year is calculated as $35 (all amounts in US dollars). Voluntary donations are generally fully tax deductible (again, at least in the USA). More info on TUG's tax-exempt status.

See instructions below if needed.

2004 TUG membership dues (select one):
$75     Regular individual membership.
$45 Special membership. You may join at this special rate if you are a (please select) senior  student  new graduate  citizen of a country with a modest economy. See instructions.
$85 Non-voting subscription.
$500 Institutional membership. Includes up to seven individual memberships.
To join for future years at this year's rate, just add the rate for the extra years to the total, and mention it in the comments field at the bottom.
If you want TeX Live 2003 right away, instead of TeX Live 2004, check this box. (If you want CTAN-CD 2003 too, please write this in the comments field at the bottom.)
Optionally, check this box to receive the CTAN 2004 archive on CD. This is a standard benefit, but since we've found that many members do not need it, we don't send it to everyone. Everyone receives the DVD with both CTAN and TeX Live, as well as the TeX Live CD's.

Last year's materials:
TeX Live 2003 (2 CD's + 1 DVD which also includes CTAN; in addition to 2004) $15
CTAN-CD 2003 (5 CD's; in addition to 2004) $15
TUGboat volume 24 for 2003 (three issues) $15

Voluntary donations:
General TUG contribution $
TUG 2004 conference contribution $
Bursary contribution (provides financial assistance for attending the annual meeting) $
TeX Development Fund contribution (financial assistance for TeXnical projects) $
LaTeX 3 contribution (support for next-generation LaTeX) $
Total (membership + last year's materials + donations):    $

Payment method   VISA  MasterCard  American Express  PayPal
Card number
Expiration date  

Privacy: TUG uses your personal information only to mail you products, publications, notices, and (for voting members) official ballots. TUG neither sells its membership list nor provides it to anyone outside of its own membership.

Electronic notices will generally reach you much earlier than printed ones. However, if you prefer not to receive any email from TUG, please check the box below.

If you are a brand-new member, welcome!, and please fill out all relevant fields. If you are a renewing member and your other information is unchanged, you need provide only your name and current email address.

Do not send me TUG notices via email.
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If desired, print this form for your records before pressing the Submit button.


Problems or questions?

If you have any questions or difficulties submitting the membership form, please contact the TUG office by email or via paper mail, phone, or fax.

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