Behaviour of \latinfamily

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 28 May 1998 09:56:08 +0100

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > One question: this command \raw_encoding.  It appears to be set to 8r, but
 > the raw encoding of the average `foreign' fount you install for use with
 > (La)TeX is 8a.  8r is called the TeXBase1 encoding.  Can anyone explain the
 > discrepancy?
there is the base (default) encoding, 8a, which Adobe use. and there
is the T1 encoding which we (TeX) use. but there are *two* steps in
between. T1 and OT1 are built by references to a `raw' font, but this
cannot be 8a, because that doesn't include all the characters we need. so
we use 8r, which we get by transforming 8a to 8r