Behaviour of \latinfamily

Rebecca and Rowland
Fri, 29 May 1998 05:51:28 +0100

>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > One question: this command \raw_encoding.  It appears to be set to 8r, but
> > the raw encoding of the average `foreign' fount you install for use with
> > (La)TeX is 8a.  8r is called the TeXBase1 encoding.  Can anyone explain the
> > discrepancy?
> >
>there is the base (default) encoding, 8a, which Adobe use. and there
>is the T1 encoding which we (TeX) use. but there are *two* steps in
>between. T1 and OT1 are built by references to a `raw' font, but this
>cannot be 8a, because that doesn't include all the characters we need. so
>we use 8r, which we get by transforming 8a to 8r

Right (I think).  So fontinst begins by writing xxx8r.mtx which it also
turns into  And you rely on the dvi driver/printer to encode the
`real' Type 1 fount in 8r encoding?

Now then, obviously you use \transformfont to create the 8r version from
the 8a version.  Am I right in that \transformfont outputs a pl and mtx
file at each step of the way?  So that


will produce fxx8r.mtx,, fxx8a.mtx, and


(I think I've got all this straight anyway, but I've been greatly confused
over the last couple of days)