Behaviour of \latinfamily

Sebastian Rahtz
Fri, 29 May 1998 10:32:30 +0100

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > So I have, for example, asked what founts \latinfamily will fake
 > automatically and I've had no useful information about this.  This baffles
 > me: it strikes me as a straightforward question that has a very simple
 > answer: things like `It'll fake an sc fount from a corresponding n fount if
 > no xxx fount is available'.  I was expecting an answer along those lines,
but a list of the substitutions it tries was posted. where is the

 > `With this information it attempts to execute a[n] \installfont command for
i pronounce the backslash, thank you.

 > `Expert sets, if available, can also be used where possible (for small
 > caps, extra ligatures, etc.) by appending an `x' to the family name; if a
 > `9' is appended to the name, then a set of fonts using old-style digits is
 > built'.
 > Vital missing information: how do you persuade it to *use* small caps
 > glyphs (etc) from supplied afm files, and which family name are you talking
you dont have to persuade it, it just does it