Behaviour of \latinfamily

Rebecca and Rowland
Sat, 30 May 1998 03:30:22 +0100

>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > So I have, for example, asked what founts \latinfamily will fake
> > automatically and I've had no useful information about this.  This baffles
> > me: it strikes me as a straightforward question that has a very simple
> > answer: things like `It'll fake an sc fount from a corresponding n fount if
> > no xxx fount is available'.  I was expecting an answer along those lines,
>but a list of the substitutions it tries was posted. where is the

The mystery is: where is this list?  I have lots of information which will
probably help me produce such a list myself, but I've not seen a clear list
of exactly how fontinst selects a fount to fake (say) an sc fount.  I've
seen a list of fd file substitutions which is beginning to make more sense.

> > `With this information it attempts to execute a[n] \installfont command for
>i pronounce the backslash, thank you.

Ah....  That explains it.  I don't when I'm using that sort of phrase.

> > `Expert sets, if available, can also be used where possible (for small
> > caps, extra ligatures, etc.) by appending an `x' to the family name; if a
> > `9' is appended to the name, then a set of fonts using old-style digits is
> > built'.
> >
> > Vital missing information: how do you persuade it to *use* small caps
> > glyphs (etc) from supplied afm files, and which family name are you talking
>you dont have to persuade it, it just does it

I've run \latinfamily on a set of afms that included old-style numerals and
the result did not include a fount with old style numerals:

FontName CaslonBookBE-RegularExp
FullName Caslon Book BE Regular Expert
FamilyName Caslon Book BE

afm name: pckr8x.afm

Instruction to fontinst: \latinfamily{pck}{}

Result: a set of pl and vpl files none of which used any glyphs from
pckr8x.afm.  I've searched the log file for occurances of pckr8x, and there
are no occurances of 8x anywhere in it.

Clearly, fontinst did not `just do it'.  What do you have to do to get
fontinst to use expert encoded founts?  Is it just adding an `x' or `9'
onto the end of the family name in \latinfamily?

Ta muchly