A question about spacing

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca@astrid.u-net.com
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:21:20 +0100

At 7:18 pm -0500 2/6/98, Alan Jeffrey wrote:
>I think this qualifies as a feature, not a bug, especially since it's
>easy to code round (well, as easy as anything with fontinst is).  Just
>create a file `dostretch.mtx' or similar, containing:
>   \ifisint{stretchword} \then \setint{fontdimen(3)}{\int{stretchword}}
>   \ifisint{shrinkword}  \then \setint{fontdimen(4)}{\int{shrinkword}}
>   \ifisint{extraspace}  \then \setint{fontdimen(7)}{\int{extraspace}}
>and read it in at the appropriate place, eg:

Right - this makes sense.  I take it that the various
stretch/shrink/extra-space parameters used are those set by the *first* pl

And I notice that the value of space is slightly different after fontinst
has waved its magic wand:

--- ecorm1000.pl                --- ecrm1000.pl
   (SLANT R 0.0)		   (SLANT R 0.0)
   (SPACE R 0.332996)		   (SPACE R 0.333252)

It's not a very big difference (0.08%).  Is this due to a rounding error

(more curious than concerned)