A question about spacing

Alan Jeffrey ajeffrey@cs.depaul.edu
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 14:45:56 -0500

Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

> Right - this makes sense.  I take it that the various
> stretch/shrink/extra-space parameters used are those set by the *first* pl
> file?

Yes, when pltomtx creates the .mtx file, it contains some \setint
instructions, and these follow the usual `first definition wins'

> And I notice that the value of space is slightly different after fontinst
> has waved its magic wand:
> --- ecorm1000.pl                --- ecrm1000.pl
> (FONTDIMEN                      (FONTDIMEN
>    (SLANT R 0.0)                   (SLANT R 0.0)
>    (SPACE R 0.332996)              (SPACE R 0.333252)
> It's not a very big difference (0.08%).  Is this due to a rounding error
> somewhere?

Most likely yes.  The space value has to be converted into AFM units and
back again.