Is this a bug?

Thierry Bouche
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 16:46:28 +0200 (MET DST)

Concernant « Re: Is this a bug? », Rebecca and Rowland écrit : «
» And I noticed three strange things:

not _that_ strange.
» Firstly, that fontinst seemed to be running something like 1/5 of the speed
» I'd seen previously.  Have the recent modifications slowed it down, or
» should I look for another cause?

enormous amount of kerns. 

» Secondly, the pck8r.fd was created correctly, but pckx8r.fd and pck98r.fd
» weren't.

this kind of beasts make no sense. (8r is a variation of 8a fonts, and
only them, an expert 8r is irrelevant, as would be an oldstyle which
doesn't come from a 8a font, with oldstyle shape variant) You could
imagine that it be good to fill in the gaps in 8r encoding like ffi
with the 8x fount, but then the whole idea behind 8r (genuine TFM, no
VF) would be lost.

» And thirdly, the resulting fount families: pck, pckx, and pck9 appear to be
» identical when I print a test sheet.  In particular, I only get oldstyle
» numerals with small caps, but I get them with pck, pckx, and pck9.

that is strange. Maybe it has to do with Ulrik's observation that a
pckrc8a font (afm) will be usedif it is there (i mean what you say
seems normal as far as pck is concerned, but bizarre for expert fonts,
where 8x should be used instead of c8r).

» In particular, I'd like to know exactly which (virtual) founts are supposed
» to end with oldstyle numerals, and what difference there is supposed to be
» between pck, pckx, and pck9.

there should be simply no common font names in the corresponding fd

you're expecting 7t/8t in O/T1pck.fd; 9t/9e in O/T1pckx.fd; 9o/9d in