Is this a bug?

Rebecca and Rowland
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 22:41:39 +0100

At 3:28 pm +0100 5/6/98, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > (If you're using OzTeX, you can increase any of TeX's memory parameters by
> > changing the appropriate number in the config file; I set mem_top and
> > mem_max to 400000 and it seems happy.  No need to ensure you've got a
>just like Unix web2c, then

Only if you've got the right version.  I know: let's stop bickering and get
on with something sensible like counting the number of flying pigs we can
see.  I've just spotted one behind me.

> > particular version of anything; vptovf and pltotf are big enough too.  Just
> > to have a pointless dig at Sebastian: why you lot insist on using that
> > awkward-to-use Unix beats me.)
>i find it hard to believe that Andrew has made the sizes in vptovf
>dynamic. you probably just haven't hit one of the pathologically kerned
>fonts yet

I think I might have; he's not made the sizes dynamic, just very big as far
as I know.  Earlier versions of OzTeX's vptovf and pltotf *did* choke on
some founts.

> > Firstly, that fontinst seemed to be running something like 1/5 of the speed
> > I'd seen previously.  Have the recent modifications slowed it down, or
> > should I look for another cause?
>its age. fontinst was at its peak at the same time as Gascoigne.

Bamber, or Paul?

> years of
>alcohol abuse and associating with low lifes.

Ah.  I see.  Damn.  I suppose I'd better start saving for a new computer
then.  Any donations to the Rowland McDonnell G3 PowerMac fund accepted