Is this a bug?

Rebecca and Rowland
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 18:45:27 +0100

At 3:50 pm +0200 11/6/98, Thierry Bouche wrote:
> And I've got a set of vfs most of which have oldstyle numerals in them.
> The one exception is the small caps founts: they have `missing glyph'
> blocks instead of oldstyle numerals.
> Given that all the other founts have oldstyle numerals, this seems a bit
> odd.  Can anyone explain why this is?
>probably because fontinst uses straightforwardly xxxc8r where the OsF
>are encoded as if they were LiF.


> This is a bug. Small caps of expert
>founts should be done with the 8r+8x founts, using kerning from c(j)8r

Righto.  I'll wait for a bug fix, shall I?  (Don't panic: I shan't hold my
breath ;-)